Auditing and Inspections

Auditing and Inspection

Checking systems, processes, the workplace, and work environment are essential elements of good health and safety management.

health and safety auditing

We can undertake general auditing of your workplace and work environment, offering recommendations for improvement.

We can then help you with those improvements if needed. You can use our service as a nominated internal auditor for your current management systems, providing another set of eyes to determine how things are going. When auditing, our aim is to learn about work and why workers are undertaking tasks in the manner they are demonstrating. Our aim is not to be negative and blame the worker, but to help with understanding about conflicts people face each day as they go about their work. Undertaking auditing and inspections will help satisfy legal duties imposed upon employers, and our approach regarding learning, is to understand where there may be drift, where systems may be failing the worker, in a bid to prevent accidents and incidents.